Regulamin – ENG


These Regulations apply to all Camp participants from the moment they register for the collection to the Camp until their return.

  1. Each camp participant undertakes to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and other documents and orders issued by the Organizer, as well as with the rules and regulations of the places where the participant will be staying during the Camp. Each participant of the Camp undertakes, in particular, to comply with the provisions of the Regulations of the “U Józefa” Pension in Zakopane.
  2. Each Camp participant undertakes to obey and follow the instructions of their guardians, coaches and Camp manager.
  3. Any problems or requests arising during the course of the camp, each participant will immediately report to the Camp Manager.
  4. Alcohol, psychoactive drugs, and cigarettes are strictly prohibited during the camp. If this prohibition is violated, the camp participant may be expelled from the camp at the expense of his parents / legal guardians.
  5. In case of not obeying the binding Regulations and other regulations, as well as in case of reprehensible behaviour, the camp participant may be expelled from the camp disciplinely at the expense of parents/legal guardians. In this case the fee for the stay is not refundable.
  6. The night silence is valid from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. During this time, camp participants are obliged to stay in their rooms.
  7. It is forbidden to leave the guesthouse or the group by yourself.
  8. For damages caused by camp participants, their parents/legal guardians will be financially responsible.
  9. In other matters that arise during the course of the camp, and are not regulated by these regulations, the decision is made by the Camp Manager.
  10. Participation in the activities covered by the camp program is mandatory.
  11. The Camp participant is obligated to maintain order in the rooms, sanitary facilities, dining rooms, and other rooms in the Pension and the adjacent area, and to take care of the property and equipment entrusted or made available in all places where the classes are conducted, meals and leisure time and all other places where the Camp will be held, as well as during transport to and from the Camp.
  12. Each camp participant is required to take care of his or her own health and safety and those of other participants. The participant is also obliged to immediately inform the staff or adults of any perceived threats to his or her life or health or any other person, as well as animals and threats to the environment.



  1. It is used to support users who use maintenance services, enabling them to use tools and services. The content of the Service is of informative and usable nature.
  2. Regulatory provisions together with the laws in force in the Republic of Poland defining the rights and obligations of the Service Provider, as well as the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Service Administrator and other applications, which by means of the Service Provider include all the maintenance services of your services or products.
  3. Each person, at the moment of announcement of cooperation with the service, is obliged to undertake with the content of the Regulations and to determine its application. Pre-booking is possible after acceptance of the Regulations.
  4. Services from the service do not require filling in all formulas or analysis of personal data in order to get acquainted with the offers in the Service. Providing personal data is only at the stage of booking agreements.
  5. The prices presented in the Service may change with each update of the Service.
  6. Using the Service to make a reservation requires: (1) use of mobile devices that enable communication with the Internet (such as e.g. Computer, tablet, telephone) and use of a web browser.
  7. When makign a booking, you must PUT correct participant’s details. To the indicated e-mail address, will be sent a confirmation of the booking, together with the bank account number to which the price / non-refundable deposit of up to 20% must be paid. After the non-refundable advance payment has been made, the place finally reserved and confirmed for the given camp participant must be indicated by e-mail address and booked on the bank account.
  8. The organizer has the right to change or change the persons, entities in the camp staff, the camp manager, tutors and trainers conducting the classes. These changes can take place both before and during the camp. The participant has no right to make claims against the organizer of exemptions from staff changes or changes to the schedule. A change in the personnel or the camp plan is not a reason for a cost-free cancellation or change in the cost of return.
  9. Further information about Broadway Camp training should be transferred by mail and/or by telephone.